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Ball & Bonholtzer is a trial firm representing those who have been financially harmed by the negligence of attorneys. We have represented clients throughout California, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, and in the United States Federal Courts and Unites States Claims Court. The firm represents those whose legal rights were lost or compromised due to the errors and omissions of their lawyers.

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We are one of the very few firms that try legal malpractice cases to verdict. The principals have tried 45 cases to jury verdict. We believe this experience and our reputation at trial provides leverage for our clients in the settlement process as well. We are also one of the very few firms that have, on occasion, represented lawyers who have been accused of legal malpractice. This experience has allowed us to develop a unique insight into legal malpractice litigation.

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Ball & Bonholtzer has also been fortunate enough to help corporate board members whose legal rights were compromised by conflicted and self dealing attorneys (conflict of interest), heirs and trust beneficiaries whose inheritances were lost by the negligent drafting of wills and trusts, and personal injury victims whose recoveries were lost as the result of missed deadlines or substandard lawyering. Learn more about our Success Stories here.

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